About Us

Americhem is an industry-leading US-based Research Chemical company. We strive to offer the highest quality and trusted products in the industry. HPLC testing, a sterile and cleanly lab environment, paired with our unparalleled customer service with access to a representative 7 days a week via email, phone, and social media platforms is what our reputation has been founded on.

Why Americhem?
Americhem’s foundation has been built on our quality Research SARMs, Peptides and Research Chemicals paired with prompt customer service and the fastest processing and shipping times in the industry. 
Americhem USA has a staff of highly qualified individuals appointed ensuring that every product is correctly manufactured with accurate product, dose, and labels. We believe in a paired working environment which means that every chemical is verified as accurate by 2 persons. Furthermore, our products go through routine Mass Spectrometry testing to verify that our products are sold as advertised. Our U.S. based laboratories take pride in offering nothing less than the purest and accurately dosed material to insure your studies produce nothing other than precise conclusions. 
Our standards for chemical raw material has a barrier of 97%. All of our products are subject to random HPLC testing to insure that we hold true to these regulations. Our U.S. based laboratories are the foundation of Americhem’s quality products. Sterile lab equipment goes hand in hand with quality research material, which is why we keep our environment and equipment in pristine condition. 
We understand the importance of having the materials needed for your studies which is why we have a 100% transparent customer service team of representatives available to assist you with any and all of your needs. Some studies are time-sensitive and at Americhem USA we recognize the importance of having your products as soon as possible. Our shelves remain stocked of all products, orders are processed 7 days a week and shipped 6 days a week excluding holiday. 
Let us be your supplier of quality Research Chemicals and Peptides for your next study. We are confident that after your first experience with Americhem USA you will see no further reason to bring your business anywhere else. 
All orders not paid for within 60-90 minutes of being submitted will be cancelled, please do not submit orders without the intention of paying within this time frame. Thank you for your understanding, Americhem USA
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